Daily Episode 95 – Ogre Kingdoms Follow up with Tom Mawdsley

Ogre Kingdoms Follow UpOgre Kingdoms Follow Up

Tom Mawdsley joins me on today’s episodes to do an Ogre Kingdoms follow up from episode 60 where I talked about the sort of Ogre list that I would take to try and make them more fun, Tom took this list and tweeked it to fit his playstyle but tried to keep the spirit of the list.

When I talked about the sort of Ogre army I thought would be fun to play I tried to steer away from the Mournfang and Ironblasters that make an appearance in every army but I still went with a few good combos.  The biggest departure from the norm, other than the Stonehorns, was the fact that I included a Tyrant to lead the army instead of a Slaughtermaster.  I rounded off the list with 3 Stonehorns and that was the theme that Tom wanted to capture when writing his own Ogre army


What he came up with was this;

Slaughtermaster, Hell Heart

Hunter on Stonehorn, Charmed Shield, Dragon Bane Gem, Crown of Command

Bruiser BSB, Talisman of endurance, biting blade

9 Iron Guts, bellower, Standard Bearer, banner of swiftness

3 Ogres, extra hand weapon

3 Ogres, extra hand weapon

2 Mournfang Cavalry, bellower, Ironfist

2 Mounrfang Cavalry, bellower, Ironfist





Tom tells us how he found the list over the course of the weekend and what plans he has for it in the future.

Bjorn Supremecy

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