Bad Dice Daily – The Daily Warhammer Podcast

Bad Dice Daily – The Daily Warhammer Podcast

The Bad Dice Daily, Hosted by myself, Ben Curry, is a Daily Warhammer Podcast.  It covers various goings on from around the warhammer world in 15 minute episodes released 5 days a week.

I have reoccuring features that include,

What Would Curry Do – Where I write army lists or talk about unit choices based off listener questions.  Topics so far have been 500 point armies, Ogre Kingdoms the fun way, Wood Elves, High Elf core units

Whimsical Wednesday – Random topics not always warhammer related

Top 5 Tuesday – This is a staple of the show, every Tuesday so far (episodes 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27…..)  has been a rundown of my top 5 in various topics including

My main goal with the show is to build a great relationship with the listeners that can get a little lost when only recording once a fortnight, the Daily show allows me to respond quickly to feedback to hopefully become everyones favourite Warhammer Podcast

On this page I’m going to cover some of the frequently asked questions.

How can you get the show?

There are a number of ways to get the show.


The Daily Show is now avaliable to subscribe to on iTunes click either of the images below to subscribe to the relevant show.

Daily Warhammer Podcast

Subscribe to the fortnightly show on iTunes

On the Bad Dice website

Every blog post of any episode, Daily or not, and there will be a player in that post.  You can use that to play the show.  There will also be a Direct Download link.  Clicking that in some browsers launches a player.

The Bad Dice app

The Bad Dice app is avaliable on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it is also avaliable on Android devices from the Amazon marketplace.

Other mobile apps

On iOS I use instacast.  Its not free but it does does absolutely everything I need as a ‘power user’. I.e it manages lots of different shows and lets me choose between download, streaming, auto downloads or manual on a show by show basis (Pro Version).  It also syncs with my other iOs devices using iCloud.  I gave it 5 Stars on my iTunes review.  There are other apps that do a similar job and are pretty good, I have used Pocketcasts, Podcaster and heard good reports about Downcast so can also recommend all of these.

As far as Andriod, Blackberry and Windows phones go I have no experience so would love you get some recommendations to put up here.

Any podcasting client can be used to get either show.  Search their directory or manually add for the fortnightly show with Mark and Gareth, or add for the Daily show.

On pretty much every app directory you should be able to find us by searching for ‘Bad Dice’ or ‘Warhammer Podcast’

What’s that awesome music?

The Bad Dice Daily theme is kindly supplied by a band called 8 Bit Weapon. The song is called ‘Bits with Byte’ and is from the album ‘Bits with Byte’.  you can get the album on iTunes, and you can also check out more of their awesome music at


As you can see there are loads of ways to get hold of your favourite Warhammer Podcast!

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