Episode 91 – Mantic Games Open Day and Warlords GT

In this episode we have an interview with Ronnie Renton from the Mantic Games Open Day and the 3 of us have been to the Warlords GT.  We have actually letters sent in to Gareth’s Query Corner and lots to talk about in our Fortnight inn Fantasy.

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Mark and Gareth played 3 games, including one against each other.  Gareth is loving the Lore of Life after reviewing it last episode.  Mark wrote an interesting Empire list to follow up from a listeners questions
We caught up with the Geek Nation Tours guys after their Games Day trip.  Mark and Gareth went over the the Mantic games open day to see Ronnie and the guys and also got an interview


Mark has painted a ton of stuff.
  • 1 troll
  • 3 squigs, 5 goblins.
  • 1 savage Orc big stabba,
  • 2 slann
  • 1 engine of the gods
  • 40 skinks
  • 10 camos
  • 3 Krox
  • 2 convert salamanders
  • 27 Saurus
  • 1 scar vet
  • 6 terradons
Ben gives a recipe for the snow basing that he used on his Executioners and Pegasus Rider that he based before the Warlords event.
Gareth announces a new painting and gaming project.  Vampire Counts.  He wants to build the list and army from the ground  up, forming his own opinions and tracking his progress on the show.

Other Gaming/Off Topic

Ben has played the Battlestar Galactica board game twice in the last 2 weeks and also got in a game of Galaxy Truckers and Agricola.
The New White Dwarf was released last week and featured 3 of the Bad Dice guys, Ben Johnson is in there with his huge Skaven Army while Adam Hall and Martin Morrin face off in a battle report.
Ronnie Renton interview
Mark and Gareth catch up with Ronnie at the Mantic Games Open Day to talk about all things Mantic and Dreadball.

Warlords GT

Gareth tells us all about his sightseeing or warrington…. or not.  Mark and Ben run down their games and discuss the event overall


Scott Lines asks about the different rules packs in use at the recent UK events. Beasthammer and Mohammer.  We get asked about Warriors of Chaos lists again and also what Superpowers we would all want to have.  We have a suggestion about a painting by numbers system for painting an army.  Dan from Germany asked about getting Mindrazor in an Orcs and Goblin army.  Richard Payne asks for our thoughts on his tournament catering suggestion.


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I announce the way that you can win the fantastic Swag Bag that has been donated by Team England.

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