Lumineth Realm-Lords Review podcast with the playtesters.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Review podcast with the playtesters.

On this latest episode of Bad Dice we are joined by 4 of the playtesting team to talk about the incoming Lumineth Realm-Lords army release.

We cover the highlights of the book, lists and combos.

Initial impressions

The first Talking point is our initial impressions of getting the army on the table.
How the units interact with each other. What jumps out as being top picks and the general feel of the faction rules as a whole.

There are many new Age of Sigmar mechanics in the book so we talk about making the most of those new rules and fitting all the tricks into a list.

New rules that we really like are;

  • a spell that causes an opponent to spend double command points.
  • fighting twice in a row.
  • automatically casting spells.
  • shooting without seeing a target.

Lists and Play style

All the guests on the show have been playing with this army and have an idea of what they want to use in games.
we talk about where the power in those lists come from and the combos that you can spring on your opponent.

Teclis is a clear favourite and we cover how to play with and against him.

Here are some of the lists we talked about on the episode.

James Tinsdale

Alarith Stone List

Great Nation of Ymetrica

Alarith Stonemage (130)

  • General – Command Trait – Almighty Blow
  • Artefact – Mountain’s Gift
  • Spell – Entomb

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King (360)

Archmage Teclis and Celenaar, Spirit of Hysh (660)

10 Alarith Stoneguard (200)

10 Alarith Stoneguard (200)

15 Alarith Stoneguard (300)

Alarith Temple Battalion (120)

  • 1970
  • 2 drops
  • 1 Command Point (Battalion)

Bryan Carmicheal

20 wardens
10 wardens
20 sentinels
10 dawnriders

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Bad Dice Events – All ticket sales on hold.

Bad Dice Events – All ticket sales on hold.

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, and following the general advice from the UK Government and WHO, we have made the decision to postpone the ticket sale dates for the UK Masters and Blood and Glory.

We currently have no intention of cancelling or postponing these events, but feel that it would be irresponsible of us to sell tickets at a time when all the advice is to avoid gatherings and events.

Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory takes place in Nottingham on 9/10/11th October 2020 so there is plenty of time available to allow ticket saes to be pushed back.

The new ticket sales date for Blood and Glory 2020 will be Sunday 10th May. 

A full 5 months before the event and more than enough time for planning your trip.

If you wish to start your planning now, full details for the event can be found at including hotel location and travel planning guides.

UK Masters

The UK Masters Knockout and Singles is held in Derby on 11/12th July 2020.

Tickets will go on sale Sunday 3rd May, 10 Weeks prior to the event.

Stay safe out there everyone!



Bad Dice is back!  The Seraphon Battletome has just landed and we have Paul Buckler and Jack Armstong on the show to talk in detail about the new book. 

You can get the episode at

We look at lists and combos that are sure to see the tables. New rules including Star-born and Coalesced armies as well as going into detail on all 4 constellations.

Jack has played Lizardmen since the early days of WFB and even won an Age of Sigmar Masters with Seraphon.  Paul has more recently built a ‘Coolest Army’ winning Seraphon force. They both have bags of experience to share in this episode. 


New Seraphon Army List’s

On the show we covered 4 different lists.

Jack’s Fire Lance Temple Host.

Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur – 250
Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur – 210
Skink Starseer – 140
Skink Star Priest – 120
15 Saurus Knights – 300
15 Saurus Knights – 300
10 Saurus Knights – 200
10 Skinks – 60
10 Skinks – 60
3 Salamanders – 240
Fire Lance Battalion – 160

Pauls Fangs of Sotek

Slaan Starmaster – 260
Skink Priest – 70
Skink Priest – 70
Skink Starpriest – 120
Skink Starpriest – 120
40 Skinks – 240
40 Skinks – 240
40 Skinks – 240
3 Salamanders – 240
5 Chameleon Skins – 90
5 Chameleon Skins – 90
5 Chameleon Skins – 90
Bound Gemini – 70
Bound Quicksilver Swords – 40

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Here are some Photos of pauls army

Daughters of Khaine Work In Progress

It’s the Daughters of Khaine release weekend so I thought I would post about the things I am working on.

The never ending paint mission is on going. I’ve not finished a single unit yet and am having a wobble on the bases. I started with grey but might go with mud and snow to match me Darkling covens.

I think I’ve settled on my colour scheme of gold armour washed with Blood for the Blood god.

What is everyone else working on this weekend?

The 10th Masters is coming

The 10th Masters is coming

The UK Age of Sigmar Masters is in its 10th year

We have 16 players accepted invites.

Tony Moore
Dan Ford
Gary Percival
Chris Myhill
Darren Watson
Nicky Myland
Jack Armstrong
Joe Purcell
Alex Harrison
Craig Namvar
Robert Sedgeman
Andy Bryan
Tom Mawdsley
Laurie Huggett-Wilde
Ric Myhill
Ben Savva

The masters is on the 6/7th Jan in Derby at the original masters venue (Derby Wargames club venue)

The Victory Club, 85 Chellaston Road, Derby , De24 9AF

Lists need to be submitted by end of the year. This includes the reserves.

Terrain will be provided and tables pre-set (including mysterious terrain)

6 games will be played using random battleplans from both 2016 AND 2017 Generals Handbook. These will be

Armies will be 2000 points and selected using Generals Handbook 2017.

Gaming Scoring

Major Win 20
Minor Win 15
Draw 10
Minor Loss 5
Loss 0

Painting scores.

All armies should be painted to a basic tabletop standard and models should fully represent the Warscrolls they are used as.

Any models that I consider unacceptable will be removed from the event and points awarded To your opponent each game. If you are unsure please message me in advance.

In addition to meeting the above requirements 10 points will be awarded for your army being a cohesive force and 10 points awarded if it does not contain any proxies. (A proxy is any model that is not the correct Games Workshop model for the warscroll)

The Master will be the player with the highest total score.

Ties will be decided by the head to head result.

After that ties will be decided by Points difference. (Total points Killed minus total points lost. )

Happy Christmas and I will see you all at the Masters.


A new Bad Dice episode is up! 155 – Mark goes to EGGS and hobby update

Since the last episode we have moved house, had 2 babies and a 3rd on the way, been too half a dozen events, built 200 bits of terrain and painted a ton of models.

Sounds impressive eh!

Check out the latest episode for our update in the last few months of the hobby for Ben, Steve and Mark. Also listen out for our GHB 2017 hopes and predictions and see if we got them right!

We talk about the Element Games EGGS event too and give a sound out and apology to Rob Bradley.

Finally we wrap up talking about Blood and glory.

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