BDP 101 – Daemons of Chaos, Mersey Meltdown and Teams Events


Daemons of Chaos, Mersey Meltdown and Teams Events

In episode 101 we have a guest on the show, Michael Biggs joins us to talk about the New Daemons of Chaos and some recent tournaments.

Episode Sponsor – Kenny Lull says “Loving the show, keep it up! ūüôā Shout out to gaming club in Columbia, Maryland USA — Ineptus Astartes.”

Fortnight in Fantasy

We have had loads on recently, 2 tournaments since the party on episode 100.  Team Bad Dice went to the Serbian Sauerkraut Team Event and also the Merseyside Meltdown tournament.

Gaming – Other than tournaments, I have played vs the new Daemons with my Chaos Dwarfs.

Painting РI have now finished 23 Infernal Guard, Magma Cannon, Iron Daemon and 3 Bull Centaurs. I have in progress a Hellcannon and the Forgeworld Character set.  Gareth has been over to see Mikey and the guys at Golem to get a painting lesson and Mark has made more progress on his orcs.

Other – I’ve not watched any films but have done a ton of reading! Book 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games. The Name of the Wind and the Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss and I’m now on the latest in the Dresden series from Jim Butcher, I picked them all up from Audible

Daemons of Chaos Release

Our thoughts on the new models and rules.  Michael is a long time Daemons player and we have some great discussions about Th.e new releases.

Golem Painting Day

Gareth’s report on the day and how he painted his Tomb Banshee.

Team Event

4 of us chat about the weekend.  Bad Dice took out first place and had some awesome games along the way.

We played against;

  • Outriders
  • Overrated and Underskilled
  • Fat Craig
  • Giants Lair
  • TNG

Mersey Meltdown

The Meltdown is one of the best events in the uk but has a few years hiatus.  2013 saw the return of the event and it was a cracker despite Fat Craig winning it.

Ben’s Opponents;

Jay Hop – Wood Elves 20-0
Shane Baxter Warriors – 13-7
Sedge – Brettonians – 19-1
Ben J – Skaven – 7-13
Tom M – Chaos Dwarfs 6-14

1st Place overall – Fat Craig
2nd Place – Kevin Weaver
3rd Place – Joe McGough

Most Sporting – Steve ‘the nicest man in warhammer’ Wren
Players Choice Best Army – David Parker
Judges Choice Best Army – ‘Dangerous’ Dave Pyle
Wooden Spoon – Jodi Chapman
The Michael Biggs Memorial ‘Captain Ahab’ Award – Luke Rooney

Best in Race
Beastmen – Mark Borland
Bretonnians – Rob Sedgeman
Chaos Dwarfs – Tom Mawdsley
Daemons – Fat Craig
Dark Elves – Ben Curry
Dwarfs – Andy Russell
Empire – Mo Ashraf
High Elves – Pash Korniyenko
Lizardmen – David Parker
Orcs & Goblins – Andy Robinson
Ogres – Joe McGough
Skaven – Ben Johnson
Tomb Kings – Steve Davie
Vampire Counts – Walt Simpson
Warriors – Kev Weaver
Wood Elves – Jay Hopkinson

Gareth’s Query Corner

We have had a load of great questions sent in this time!  To get your question answered for episode 102 sent a tweet to @purplehuskey and the hashtag #GQC


Adepticon – This episode airs on March 9th, that means in 3 episodes time we will be at the event. What should we do for prep? I would love to hear from any Adepticon regulars about the event and what preperation we should be doing.

The Throne of Skulls is next weekend and we will all be in attendance, come and say hi if you are there.

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