BDP 106 – Warhammer Achievements, Writing Scenarios and Tournament Checklist

Blood and Glory

Warhammer Achievements, Writing Scenarios and Tournament Checklist

Curtis Smith – Sorry for messing up your shout out! He sent me a pic that you can see in the show notes of the mud basing that he does on his lizardmen army. Imagine a really stick muddy swamp. Really works well.


Fortnight in Fantasy


Played Steve Wren with some practice for the event at the weekend using Orcs and Steve played with Wood Elves. He finished painting the Trolls and finally got some snow on his movement trays.


I have finished painting my Hellcannon and also finished a Sorcerer Prophet. You can see pictures on my Chaos Dwarf blog on the forums

For gaming I went to the WA3 event that will will talk about in the next segment.

The UK Games Expo was on last weekend and I popped in on the sunday. Its a great event and I try to get over there every year to have a look at all the different games that are being played. I picked up Agricola and Gloom. Both are really fun games. On the friday evening before the tournament I went to a Murder Mystery evening. (Role Play is gaming right???)

Finally, at the time of recording I have played 19.5 hours of warhammer quest. This is only 115 hours after it was released. (closer to 30 hours at the time of publishing!)

On top of all of that I have finished Book 6 of the Wheel of Time Series. This book was a little slow for most of the way through but really opened up to an amazing ending that has left me not being able to wait to get the next book on my phone for my long drive tomorrow!


Gareth grabbed a game of warhammer at Warhammer World and has been watching trashy TV.

Warhammer Achievements

The 3 of us attended the Warhammer Achievements event run by Steve Wren.

I used Chaos Dwarfs, Mark brought Orcs and Goblins and Gareth used Vampire Counts.

My opponents were Liam Jordan with Brettonians, Simon Burdett with High Elves and Daryll Jones with Daemons and a Mammoth.

We all talk about our games and thoughts on the event.  We compare the difference between too little like warhammer or taking a break from warhammer.

Writing Scenarios

After #WA3 we thought we would have a stab at writing our own.

Ben – I really liked the old Throne of Skulls scenarios and the way that victory points did not matter at all. I also like the fortitude mechanic from Blood and Glory, both there way fortitude is generated and also the way you can break an army, crushing its moral by taking its standards and general. To this end my scenario would be Table 1/4’s 5 points for each of your opponents table half, 3 points for your own. To contest or claim you need fortitude in that table 1/4. Most fortitude would claim. As a bonus objective I would award 4 points for breaking your opponent.

Mark – Improve WA3 3rd scenario by changing how it works but keeping the theme.

Gareth – Wacky Scenarios! Fun is the goal.

1. To encourage fighting and charges. Every turn (game turn) Decreasing saves.

2. Timed Turns. 10 mins per player turn or Death Clock.

3. Hunger Strike – Roll for a unit each turn to starve to death!

Tournament Checklist

We often get asked to talk about a tournament check list, the things that you should take to an event other than your Army, Rule book, dice and tape measure.

  • Book to write in
  • Spare Tape measure
  • Cash Money
  • FAQ’s
  • Super Glue
  • Deodorant
  • Turn Counter
  • Wound Counters
  • Money
  • Deodorant (on the list twice as its so important!!)
  • Sweets and Cakes
  • Pen
  • ID for the night out (and for Gareth to check you out)
  • Gift for Gareth

Gareths Query Corner

Loads of questions again!!!

Sam Douglas asks how to use Jezzails Competitively. Adam Burton wants to know about unit formations. Gamer Nick wants to know if you must bring a Vampire. Mike Kidd wants to know about units that are pushed up next to each other and unengaged after combat. We also take questions about Dwarfs, Fantasy models in 40k Rules. Bad Dice over seas, Monster Cav and buildings, How can you make giants work. Can you play warhammer in boxing gloves? And finally Adam Sinclair asks how the power levels currently in 8th Edition.


We have been sent in some great artwork for the GQC t-Shirts

BL0j7g8CUAA0Mwa.jpg-large gqc logo 1image


Blood And Glory

Blood and Glory is the first Bad Dice Podcast event.

3 Days of wargaming with the highlight being a  6 game 2 day Warhammer Championships.  Out of the book warhammer, scenarios, soft scores, loads of prizes and awards.  Over the weekend there will be lots of side event, seminars and general fun and games.

Friday evening will be a WFB 500 event.  3 games of 500 points.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and check out for information as it gets released.


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