The 10th Masters is coming

The UK Age of Sigmar Masters is in its 10th year

We have 16 players accepted invites.

Tony Moore
Dan Ford
Gary Percival
Chris Myhill
Darren Watson
Nicky Myland
Jack Armstrong
Joe Purcell
Alex Harrison
Craig Namvar
Robert Sedgeman
Andy Bryan
Tom Mawdsley
Laurie Huggett-Wilde
Ric Myhill
Ben Savva

The masters is on the 6/7th Jan in Derby at the original masters venue (Derby Wargames club venue)

The Victory Club, 85 Chellaston Road, Derby , De24 9AF

Lists need to be submitted by end of the year. This includes the reserves.

Terrain will be provided and tables pre-set (including mysterious terrain)

6 games will be played using random battleplans from both 2016 AND 2017 Generals Handbook. These will be

Armies will be 2000 points and selected using Generals Handbook 2017.

Gaming Scoring

Major Win 20
Minor Win 15
Draw 10
Minor Loss 5
Loss 0

Painting scores.

All armies should be painted to a basic tabletop standard and models should fully represent the Warscrolls they are used as.

Any models that I consider unacceptable will be removed from the event and points awarded To your opponent each game. If you are unsure please message me in advance.

In addition to meeting the above requirements 10 points will be awarded for your army being a cohesive force and 10 points awarded if it does not contain any proxies. (A proxy is any model that is not the correct Games Workshop model for the warscroll)

The Master will be the player with the highest total score.

Ties will be decided by the head to head result.

After that ties will be decided by Points difference. (Total points Killed minus total points lost. )

Happy Christmas and I will see you all at the Masters.


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