BDP 113 – Blood and Glory Review and Dark Elves Released

Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory Review and Dark Elves Released

In this episode Ben, Mark and Gareth are joind by Craig Johnson to talk about the Blood and Glory event and have a first look at the new Dark Elf release. 

Dark Elf Models

All the new models are out, check them out and get 20% discount at Element Games

Fortnight in Fantasy

The various travels of a warhammer tourist.  Mark and Gareth have been entertaining our American friend while Ben has been running around like a madman getting the event set-up.

Blood and Glory

Tons of new players. WFB 1200 kicked things off and was a huge success, we had a ton of entries on the day and it was fantastic to have so many people turn up to play on a friday lunchtime.
Moving into the evening the WFB500 had a massive turn out and was a ton of fun. 500 points is a real great dynamic and worked very well for some friday night fun and games.
The Championships – Shout out to tons of players! can’t mention them all!  You can see all the winners on the Blood and Glory Website!

Gareth’s Query Corner

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As usual, we have a ton of awesome questions sent in by the listeners.


We wrap up the show

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