BDP 117 – 2013 Christmas Special

Bad Dice

2013 Christmas Special

In this episode we have the 2013 Christmas special.

The 3 of us talk about our highlights of the year while running through the categories for the Bad Dice Podcasts Warhammer Personality of the year awards.

I’m taking nominations for the following categories:

First section is to award the personalities in the gaming scene.

  • Warhammer Personality of the Year
  • Warhammer Villan of the year
  • Player of the Year
  • Chump of the year
  • Best painted Army of the year
  • Warhammer Event of the year
  • Warhammer Podcast of the year (other than Bad Dice of course!)

2nd section is all about the rules and releases of 2013

  • Army Book of the Year
  • Unit (rules) of the year
  • Models of the year
    • Single Model
    • Unit
    • Monster

3rd and final section is off topic:

  • Table Top game of the year
  • None GW Model of the year
  • Boardgame of the year
  • Videogame of the year
  • Movie of the year
  • TV Show of the year
  • Bad Dice Daily Episode of the year

I am only taking nominations via email. send them in to

The results will be given out on episode 400 of the Bad Dice Daily show, release around new year


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to


We wrap up the show

Give us your feedback by leaving a comment below or catching the 3 of us on twitter.




I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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