BDP 124 – 2 Colour Blending and ETC Lists

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2 Colour Blending and ETC Lists

On this episode we have 2 main topics, the first is 2 Colour Blending and the 2nd being the release of the 2015 ETC army lists

Before getting in to the main topics we talk about what we have been up to in the last few weeks.  Mark has been out to Denmark to take part in the ETC Warm-Up event, Ben has been packing up his armies to do some decorating and has some tips about army storage and playing lots of Hearthstone while Gareth has been playing X-Wing.

Our first featured topic is 2 colour blending. Mark has been using this technique on his High Elves and has a bunch of tips about how to get the best effect. We talk about how to choose the colours, why it works and how to get the right effect.

Next up are the 2014 ETC list that have been released on the morning that we are recording.  We have a run down the races at the ETC and talk about some of the highlights we have spotted in the lists.

You can check out the lists in our Tournament List Archive.


We wrap up the show Give us your feedback by leaving a comment below or catching the 3 of us on twitter. @Baddice_Podcast @PurpleHuskey @MarktheBeastman I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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