2013 Masters Invites

Hi all,

Today saw the final rankings update of the year and the following people will be receiving invitations to the 2013 Masters event.

Russ Veal
Mikey Newman
Mark Wildman
Ben Johnson
Tom Mawdsley
Terry Pike
Craig Johnson
Matthew Watkinson
Jack Armstrong
Andy Potter
Chris Legg
Stephen Follows
Dan Thomas
Ben Curry
Lorenzo Ricagni
Pash Korniyenko

The invites will be sent out later this week along with the rulespack for the event.

The UK Masters Weekend will be held on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th January 2014 at;

The Northwest Gaming Centre
Hallam Street

Huge thanks to Darren for ensuring that this event will continue to be free for the players, he has provided the venue and food on Saturday and Sunday lunch.

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