Episode 78 – New Paints, New Empire news + Lore of Fire

New Paints, New Empire and Lore Of Fire

Episode 78 In this episode we chat about the new Empire and Paints range releases, our current painting projects, Chaos Dwarfs and Tomb Kings. All 3 of us have also been to see The Hunger Games movie. We also start a new series – Looking into the Lores of Magic starting with the Lore of Fire

Gareth’s Query Corner

Gareth takes questions from the listeners and puts them to Ben and Mark

Lore of Fire

We take an in-depth look into the Lore of Fire as we start our series of the Winds of Magic Lore reviews.

In this review is an analysis of each of the spells and the lore attribute.  We talk about how different armies can make use of the lore of fire.  We also compare the various combinations that can be used with eFire Magic and also the Lores that the Lore of Fire can support the best.


We wrap up the show

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