Episode 89 – Clash Of Swords

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Episode 89 – Clash Of Swords

In this episode Ben and Mrk have done a ton of hobby but its Gareth that has done all the gaming! We catch up on all the recent goings on with the Bad Dice crew and review the Clash of Swords (Mohammer) event.

We have and episode sponsor, Matt Sewell who says,

Shout out to Team UN. After two games and the start of day 2 on table 2 in 4th place was looking like the start of a Disney under film in the making, the “Cool running” of Warhammer but not to be. Still 21st and 3 round wins was a fantastic result.

Peter “Captain Marvellous” Ridder, Mats “the drunken” Norwegian, Benny “take it for the team” Christensen, Roberto “the Italian Stallion” Savino, Bjorn “better late than never” Ericson, Marcin “Ratboy” Zakrzewski, Mads “the blond bomb shell” Hammer

Fortnight in Fantasy.

Gareth plays warhammer without Me and Mark.  Arranged his own game, packed army himself,  He played with Empire against John Walters Empire.  Ben played Secrethammer and used Vampires, Really liked the feel of the list and wants to play them later in the year.  Mark got a game vs Singe Orcs vs Dark Elves.  Ben and Mark rolled out their new painted armies and played some 500 point games.  Loads of fun!
Mark Talks about his LARP event over the bank holiday weekend.
TED the movie.  Random mystery shopping experiences, Batman, Twilight 3, Breaking Bad, Great British Bake Off, New Girl,
Ben has been building Bull Centaurs and painting Infernal Guard.  Mark has been building Orc and Goblins.

Clash of Swords.

 Gareth reviews the event and Talks about his games against Tom Lyon, Joey Berry and Gaz Taylor

Gareths Query Corner

We take questions about high strength banishment, Movement Trays (Sarrissa Precision) Halflings in warhammer, How to best equip empire knights, How much time do we spend on the hobby, Beastman special characters rules, Lores of Magic for Vampires, conversion ideas for Razorgors, Skaven Nightrunners, flaming impact hits and ETC Vampires.


Don’t forget to check out the latest additions to the Snake Eyes Section, 2 ETC episodes and our Battle of the Chumps coverage, a total of 5 and a half hours of recordings between the 3 shows, all recorded on site at the events including interviews with players and insights about the events.
A shout out goes to Point hammered for their ‘Good Stuff’ and Ben asks about US Events in 2013.


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