BDP Episode 93 – The Empire Army Review


The Empire Army Review.

In this episode we have an in depth review of The Empire army.  From Core to Characters we talk about all the options and give our opinions on what works and what doesn’t.  We delve in to the tricks and tactics that can be put to use with the Empire and there are some real gems of wisdom that cone from this discussion.

We also talk about this months new releases, what we have been doing in our fortnight’s in fantasy and Gareth’s Query Corner.


We talk about the Skullcrushers, Warshrine, Hellstriders and the rest of the Warriors of Chaos new releases.  Gareth comments that the separate parts of the army looks like completely different armies.

Fortnight In Fantasy

Mansfield Maul is the first topic this week.  Mark played at the event and Gareth joined in as a spare player. We talk about the comp with a slant on the special characters allowed.  We also discuss the merits of having a Dirty Dozen and Fluffy Dozen.  Andrew Smith and Wesley Vickers
Gareth joined in the saturday night revelry and found himself getting roped into being a stand in for a drop out.  He played against Julie Stevens Dark Elves and managed a small victory and then faced Matt Hobday on the bottom table.
Gareth talks about his Vampire Counts project and is amazed by the Vampires stat lines!  He has started writing his army list and is quite impressed by the banshee and their Ghostly Howl.

The Empire

Starting with Lord choices we talk about the fact that almost all armies use a Lv4 and if its needed in an Empire list.  The problem with the Empire is that they are just men and the magic is needed to improve them.  Light is favourite with Mark and Gareth but Life is solid too.  We felt that the General of the Empire was lacking when compared to the Arch Lector and Grand Master.  Mark prefers the Arch Lector and likes the idea of the War Alter but Gareth Wasn’t a fan.
Battle Wizards are always good and Light is nice to complement a Light Lv4 but he is mainly there to carry a dispel scroll.  The Captains are always a staple of the Empire army but he is often seen as the Battle Standard Bearer or on a Pegasus.  He is great for adding a but if durability to a unit as he can get a 1+ armour save easily.  The Pegasus rider is very cheap for what he brings so Ben thinks taking a bunch of them would be a good idea and even suggests an 8 fliers list.
Warrior Priests are often used to pass hatred around the army and this is why you see them more often than the captains.  The recent FAQ to stop him passing that to the Demigryphs could change things.
Masters Engineers are essential according to Gareth, especially if you are bringing volleyball Guns.  Mark has the opinion that the Empire are reliant on cannons and its the engineers that help them be more reliable.
Witch Hunters are amazing models but they are not seen often enough in the game.  For 50 points they just don’t bring enough to the battlefield.  they do have a few things they are good for like passing magic resistance on to a unit without needing to take up magic item allowances.
We discuss the core choices and how the Regimental and Detachment rules work. There are a few nice tricks that you can use with these rules and we pass them on.  When comparing the different State Troop types we think that the Halbidieers are the best option due to their increased strength.  Mark likes the Swordsmen due to the WS4 and Parry but still thinks the Halberds is the way to go.
When is comes to shooting troops the 30″ range of the crossbows seem to be the best option but the Handguns could be an option in the current meta of lots of armour. Mark isn’t a fan of the Archers but Ben thinks there is some life in units of 10.
The Knights are the staple of the empire list and are the no brain choice in the list.  Inner circle is the way to go.
The Reiksguard Knight are a great option but lose out to the fact that they are too simper to the core Knights but don’t fill your core points. They also lose out to the fact that Demigryphs are so powerful.  speaking of which, we flat that the Demigryphs are best in units of 6 or 4. They are a fantastic all round unit that are the work horses of the Empire army.
The great swords are another nice option that loses out to the fact they they are competing for they all important special point.  Not a bad unit but they don’t offer enough to the army to be included in a power list
Flagellants used to be a favourite of the 7th edition list but this time around they are not quite so good.  The biggest reason being that they are 12 points per model and again, points are tight in this area.  They are another infantry unit and they are not favoured in the current meta game.
Pistoliers and Outriders are very fragile but can put out a lot of damage, we think they are just too easy to kill to be in the cutting edge tournament list but are a solid option in most other armies.
Cannons are obviously always going to be in the list and Volley(ball) Guns are a great choice too, The Hellstorm Rockets and Mortars are not as good so often lose out.
The 2 new chariots are both solid additions to a list but lose out to the steam tank in our opinion.  The problem they have is that they don’t really bring anything to the list that you can’t get elsewhere more efficiently.  The Tank on the other hand is such a powerful choice that it really does have a place in any list.  Its doesn’t have to be an auto include though.

Gareth’s Query Corner

This episode is all Empires related.
First up, can the engineers in the steam tank stand and shoot.  A question on the Witch Hunters killing Blow rules.  T4 Demigryphs, What should you use in combat with a Tank, the grind or steam gun attacks.  Is Luthor Huss the ultimate bad ass of the Warhammer World? What Empire skills can Gareth port over to his Vampire army?  Whats better Demigryphs of Skullcrushers? And a whole bunch more


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