BDP 97 – The WFB Masters Live Draw

WFB Masters

Happy New Year! We return for the first show in 2013 with a LIVE! Broadcast to do the UK WFB Masters 1st Round Draw.  Mark and Gareth also celebrate their 1st year anniversary as Co-Hosts.  

Fortnight In Fantasy

Its 3 weeks since our last show and in that time we have had a nice Christmas break.  We talk about the hobby related Christmas gifts we were given and also the gaming and painting we did during the holidays.
I have made a start on my Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs but they are still in progress at the moment.
Mark finished painting his skaven army and revisited his Orc and Goblin army to make some more progress on them.
Gareth was given a Magic the Gathering started set for christmas and also a Banshee for his Vampire Counts army.  Mark and Gareth has also been playing a lot of warhammer and even managed to squeeze in a one day tournament.  They went down to Milton Keynes for the End Of Times event run by Mark Borland.

The 2012 WFB Masters 1st Round Draw

We draw the first round of the Masters live on the show. Gareth pulls names out of his dog bowl (Don’t ask because I really don’t know!!) while I run down each players achievements from the year and Mark tell us about their lists.
So the draw for the 1st round is
  • Will vs Raf
  • Tom vs Al
  • Ben vs Nick Pym
  • Dan vs Keith
  • Mikey vs Hristo
  • Jack vs Chris Legg
  • Mark vs Matty
  • Andy Vs Lorenzo
We make some predictions on the games and discuss how the armies pair up.
For more information about the lists you can read The 2012 WFB Masters Lists and also check out the rules pack.


We make some predictions on who we think will win the masters this year,
  • 3 Jack
  • 2 Nick
  • 1 Leggy
  • Last Mark
  • 3 Leggy
  • 2 Nick
  • 1 Tom
  • Last Mark
  • 3 Nick
  • 2 Hristo
  • 1 Jack
  •  Last Dan
Every year we get this wildly wrong so it will be fun to see if that changes this time around!


The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge was announced on New Years Day and already has already got over 40 blogs set up and ready to go. You can join in the fun by going to the Hobby Blogs Section On The Forums and starting your own blog.
Hobby Hero Steve Wren will be ready to welcome you to the forums and answer any question that you might have.
A couple of the early pace setters are Ben Redmonds Beastmen and Mr Roy’s Undead Orcs and Goblins
This episode went out live via Google Hangouts.  You can follow our G+ Page and YouTube Channel to get the updates about future live episodes.


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