BDP 99 – Sheffield Slaughter Round Up

Sheffield Slaughter

Sheffield Slaughter Round Up

In episode 99 we talk about the Sheffield Slaughter Event and look at the new Warriors of Chaos Releases.

Fortnight In Fantasy

With 2 tournaments so close together we have not had time to play any games but we all got plenty of other hings done.  Mark talks about his Orcs and Goblins.  He has been painting Trolls.  Ben has been painting Bull Centaurs and other Chaos Dwarfs and Gareth talks about his planned trip to visit Golum Painting Studios for a day of lessons.

We have a contest running to win a ticket to the next event that Golem are running.  You can find all the details to enter the contest on the Contest Section of the  forums.  This is only open to Snake Eyes members who will be able to attend.


Its not often we talk about the news on the podcast but with the Warriors Of Chaos release we give our thoughts on the models.

Sheffield Slaughter Round Up

Ben and Mark talk about the Sheffield Slaughter event from a player perspective while Gareth gives the view from the sidelines as he was at the venue all weekend but  didn’t play.

You can see the videos he recorded at the event on our YouTube Channel.

There is also a new episode that is now available to Snake Eyes Members.

Gareths Query Corner

GQC this time around some of the questions we have are how to protect your models, Gareths thoughts on Marks tournemant win, Swapping Spells,  the rules for challenges and making way and lots more.


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Brad Vassallo has sponsored episode 99 and asked us to mention his tournament

The tournament is called “Clash of the Titans” Its a multi system tournament but im running the fantasy contingent. The tournament is being held on Saturday 16th Feb and Sunday 17th Feb.  Its a 5 game tournie with armies made up to 2500 points.
There are no composition scores but a few general restrictions for everyone ie no more than 12 power dice, max unit size etc, then some army specific restrictions (we dont do many of these in Australia, most were stolen from the UK scene)  Wood Elves and Bretts actually get some additions.
Ive included the pack as well. The cost is $30 payable by direct deposit. There will be random spot prizes throughout the days for things like first mage to suck themselves off into the warp, quickest tabling that type of thing.  Lists are due 1st Feb and any lists received prior will get a bonus 5 points and should be emailed to


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