BDP 95 – The Lore Of Heavens Review

Lore of Heavens

Episode 95 – The Lore of Heavens Review

In episode 95 we talk about our fortnight’s in fantasy and have a review of the lore of heavens and of course Gareth’s Query Corner is full of questions that have us scratching our heads!

Fortnight in Fantasy

Ben – I have been painting the crew for my Forge World Magma Cannon. I’ve done the red armour, the skin and then started on the bronze armour.  I’ve also been doing the odd bit on my infernal guard, the skin on the chap ion and edge highlighting on the weapons.  I’ve been meaning to get to GW to pick up some edge paints and give them a go but not had time.  

I’ve been over to Mantic Games this week to do the podcast  and I picked up a Dreadball Team, The Trontek 29ers.  I had hoped to leaarn to play and enter the tournament at Adepticon but I have a horrible feeling that it clashes with the warhammer team event.  I’ve built the team and will get them painted over christmas.

As for other stuff, I have been reading (listening to) Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  It reminds my of Malifaux, its set in (sort of) Modern London but has an parallel world know as London below which is still operating in world akin to a Victorian London that is mixed with modern times.  It has magic and mythology real Angels (refered to as It, not Him or Her) and some great references (Blackfriars, The Place or The People?). Get it on Audible  
Today I’ve been to rushden so Mark has a trip down memory lane and talks about the gameing stores he visited as a kid.

Mark – Mark has been playing with the Swedish Comp against Rob Hallam’s Skaven. He has also picked up yet another army. Skaven this time!  So he has been putting them together and started painting the Stormvermin

Gareth – Gareth had been wheeling and dealing to get some painting tuition and is going over to Gollum Painting for some lessons and to make a start on his Vampire Counts.  

Lore Of Heavens Review

We have our final review of the lores of magic, The Lore of Heavens.  
In this review we take an in-depth look into the Lore of Heavens and give our thoughts on;
  • The Lore Attribute
  • Each of the spells, including tips and tricks on how to use them
  • Other lores of magic that are good support for the Lore of heavens
  • Which other Lores the Lore of Heavens would be good at supporting
  • Which armies the can get the most from this lore
  • Which armies this lore is a good and bad match-up against.

Gareths Query Corner

Gareth gets a lovely letter from Mike Ralph to ask about shooting at Tomb Kings chariot units including characters which are actually far more confusing that I realised!  Chris Marker asks about Thunderstomps and Mournfang Cavalry.  Gareth Parfits wants to know if you can regrow a dead skink from a mixed skink and kroxior unit if there are now not skinks left.  We get asked about the Order of Terror Tests and Skirmishers contracting.  This could impact the range for a general or BSB’s leadership for said Terror test.  Harry asks why Mark answer’s all the questions and we give a little peek behind the curtain of the Bad Dice recording routine.


Gareth and Mark add some comments on the Daily Episode I did this week about Annoying Gaming Habits.
Over the last week we I have uploaded a couple of Snake Eyes episodes, Dan Thomas talks about how to beat Empire.  Its one of the best Snake Eyes episode so far!  Check it out in the Snake Eyes section


We have an episode sponsor – Erik Svendsen
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Everyone who doesn’t should contact me. I can be reached by PM on TWF or Find the username “Tunfisk” on either forum, and I’ll help them sign up. Everyone can also use the same channels for any questions they might have, I’ll answer them all.

There will also be events for WH40k and Warmachine/hordes as well as demos for other games systems, shop stands, and so on. While I am the TO for the fantasy part, and have nothing to do with the other systems, I’ll help anyone interested in 40k and wm/h to get in touch with the right people.

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