Beastclaw Raiders Battletome review

beastclaw raiders

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome review

Beastclaw Raiders are released this week and I have an early copy of the Battle Tome to review in this episode.

The Beastclaw Raiders have an awesome new backstory to suite their new home in the mortal realms.

The faction is lead by the Frostlords riding Stornhorns and Thundertusks and lead a nomadic life riding the edge of the overwinter bringing destruction to all who stand in there path and leave nothing but ruin in the wake of the storm.

Frost lords are supported by their Huskars and backed up by packs of Mournfangs.

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome includes rules for Allegiance abilities, command traits and artefacts of power.

Similarly to the Flesh Eater Courts, the Stonehorn and Thundertusk kits have been re-imagined to create 6 separate war scrolls from the single monster kit. Frostlord, Huskar and Beastclaw Rider.

Along with the battletome there is a new army box released. The contents include 2 Stornhorn/Thundertusks, 4 Mournfangs, 3 Yetis, a Hunter and 4 Frost Sabers. Its priced at £135 and comes in at around 1600 Pitched battle points.

With some discount from any of the independent retailers you should be able to pick up this and another Stornhorn to get a 2000 points matched play army for less than £150.

Allegiance Abilities.

Since the generals Handbook was released every new battle tome has included these fantastic new rules for changing how a faction plays.  Beastclaw Raiders are no different and they have a couple of great abilities.

Beastclaw Stampede: When a Beastclaw Raider unit charges they can re-roll 1’s to wound in the combat phase.

The Everwinters Blessing: Roll on a chart in each hero phase for a chance to preroll failed saves of a 1, get and extra move or dish out mortal wounds to nearby enemy units.

Command Traits

  1. Massive Bulk – +1 Wound
  2. Overwinters Master – Reroll on the Overwinters Blessing Chart
  3. Avalanche Voice – +8″ to Command ability range
  4. Famed Hunter – retools Hit rolls of 1 o n your general
  5. Beast-eater – Reroll wounds vs Monsters
  6. Fearsome Leader – -1 Braver to nearby enemy units

Magical Artefacts

There are 6 new magic artefacts in the Beastclaw Raiders battletome.

The Elixir of Frostwyrm deals damage to an entry unit in 9″, Th eBleeding Skull Dagger lets you unbind spells, Pelt of Charngar heals wounds, Blade of All-Frost Adds 1 damage to a melee weapon and can stop a hero or monster from fighting, Tokens of the Everwinter are amazing! The bearer can use them to preroll hit, winds and saves for a turn, and the Ice Mammoth Skull Plate lets the wearer re-roll all saves against – Rend attacks.

Overall its another really cool battletome that re-imagines an existing faction and breaths new life into them with only a few new war scroll combinations and some new rules.  The highlight for me is the brand new backstory that suits the Beastclaw raiders in the Mortal Realms.


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  • July 30, 2016 at 23:27

    Can you post or review what the Braggoth’s Beast Hammer warscroll battalion is?  It was mentioned somewhere else that its a mix of Orruks and Beastclaw’s, really curious how that one would work.

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