The coolest list at Heat 2 – AoS Daily 59

I have all the list that were played at Heat 2 last weekend.

My favourite that was at the event is a Nighthuats army used by Adam Turner (GW Kendal Manager)

4x Carin Wraiths
8x 3 Spirit Hosts
2x Mournguls

One of the Mournguls was the general and got the Red Fury command trait, and one of the Carin Wraiths use the Cursed Book artefact.

Adam actually played 60 points down as he forgot to pack one of the Wraths. He finished 34th and qualified for the finals.

You can get in touch with Adam on Twitter @GWKendal or pop into the store and say hi if you are in the area.

The Bad Dice tournament army list archive has been updated and you can find all the Heat 2 army lists in there.

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