Daily Episode 100 – A Daily Recap

A Daily Recap

In this episode I take a look back over the last 100 Daily episodes and talk about some of the best bits of the show so far.

When i launced back in May I hoped to get past 100 episodes then make a decision on continuing the Daily Show into the future.  Its pretty safe to say that it is going nowhere in a hurry!  I’m here to stay.

The Podcast Awards.

The 2012 Podcast Awards have opened for nominations this week.  if you have enjoyed the show ove rthe last year an would like to show your support you can do so by nominations us for an award.  You can do so by visiting the information page for more details www.baddice.co.uk/Awards

Bad Dice Podcast Awards



Let me know what your favourite show from the last 100 has been by leaving a comment below or get in touch using TwitterFacebook or Posting on the forums

Team England Competition

I announce the way that you can win the fantastic Swag Bag that has been donated by Team England.

In the bag is;

  • 101 Euro Voucher for Titan Forge
  • human gas mask German spiked helmet heads – puppet wars
  • human dome / scaley heads – puppet wars
  • Orc German army heads – puppet wars
  • Orcs with sombrero heads – puppet wars
  • orcs with soviet fur caps – puppet wars
  • goblin pirate heads – maxmini
  • rotten puppets – maxmini
  • Avatars of war dark elf sorceress (fire)
  • zomblins – titanforge
  • Vorgash the blooddrinker – titanforge
  • Count igork von sharp fang – titanforge
  • shake bases – micro art studio
  • Shrine bases – micro art studio

I have also thrown into the pot a Black Library Audio Book from the Horus Heresy and one of the latest Black Library Warhammer Fantasy Novels.

To enter this contest all you have to do is Subscribe to our newsletter




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