Daily Episode 102 – Top 5 Warhammer Scenarios

Top 5 Warhammer Scenarios

I talk about my Top 5 Warhammer Scenarios from the rulebook.  There are only 6 so I removed Battleline due to it not being a real scenario and instead ran down the order that I rate the remaining 5.

All of them have their own pros and cons and I give my reasons for the places I chose each scenario in my top 5.

I started off with Battle for the Pass.  Its not a bad scenario and can make for some interesting games but the mismatch that occurs when a gunline has 4 foot of table to shoot across is just dull.

Next up I went for Dawn Attack.  Kind of similar to Battle for teh Pass, there can be some horrid mismatches in this game due to random dice rolls.  They can be mitigated but mostly this scenario just leaves a bad taste.

Blood And Glory is next and what I like about this one if the fact that the normal rules for winning at Warhammer go out the window.  Deathstars can become redirectors to ensure you can get at the last of your opponents fortitude and get the win.

In 2nd place I put Watchtower.  I really love the fact that every single unit in your army becomes expendable in this game.  It really changes the meta game an forces armies to bring something to both take and hold the tower.

My Top scenario is Meeting Engagement.  I am a big fan of the diagonal deployment and think it mixes the game up enough to be good fun without breaking things like Watchtower occasionally can.

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  • October 9, 2012 at 05:32

    Congrats to the winner!  Nice episode, Mr. Curry.

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