Daily Episode 103 – How To Paint Black with Steve Wren

How To Paint Black with Steve Wren

Steve Wren is my guest on today’s episode and we talk about some tips and techniques on how to paint black.

This is going to be a semi-regular spot where Steve comes on the show and passes on some of his hobby and painting skills.  Earlier this week I asked what the community struggled the most with when painting and amongst a mass of replies the clear winners were Black, White and Yellow so it is these 3 colours that Steve is going to start by explaining.

In this show he explains how flat black can look good is done the right way. We discuss some of the more advanced tips for getting a great looking black effect and also what can be achieved by applying a little gloss varnish or even mixing some different colours into your black highlights.


If you want to let us know some more tips for painting black or ask for help with any other tricky colours you can contact @SteveWren on twitter or post in the episode discussion thread on the Bad Dice Forums.

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