Daily Episode 108 – How To Beat Lizardmen

How To Beat Lizardmen

Lizardmen have recently seen a resurgence in popularity in the UK over the last few months.  Marcus Pitt, Jack Armstrong and Mo Ashraf have been amongst the players that have been using them to great success.

Around a year ago a friend who was watching me play commented that I was almost on auto pilot when facing Lizardmen and he was right to some extent.  I have faced them more than any other army in 8th edition and the tactics I use are normally enough to get a good result.

So in this episode I give a few tips that you can use right away to improve your game against Lizardmen.  How to Beat Lizardmen is never going to be crystal clear as they are such a flexible army but these tips will give you the basics that you can adapt to suit your individual army build.

Starting with killing the Skinks is the obvious thing, but also chasing them off at the first chance and doing so in a way that they will take at least 2 turns to get back into the game.  Focusing magic and Shooting on the Salamanders early in the game is normally a winner then later turning that attention to the scar veterans.  The Slann is a problem but you can manage it by not presenting too many soft targets.  Its a fine balancing act and one mistake can be disaster as that is normally the Lizardman players game plan, to wait for a mistake and pounce on it.


If you find the tips useful, have anything to add or disagree entierly you can let me know by leaving a comment below.


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