Daily 114 – New Warriors of Chaos releases

New Warriors of Chaos

News has been leaked about this weekends White Dwarf containing a Warriors of Chaos Supplement similar to the one that the Daemons received back in July.
The new models are:
Warriors of Chaos Warshrine
Juggernaught Cavalry
New Warriors Of Chaos Models
Marauders on Steeds of Slannesh
Valkia the Bloody
Scala the Chaos Spawn
White Dwarf Cover
New White Dwarf Subscription Model
Thanks to Paint Hammer for the pics.

Listener Questions

I also answer a listeners question.
Hey Ben. I have a question for you concerning shooting at skavenslaves in close combat with another unit. If you place a template over the enemy unit do you need to randomise the hits?? Here in the Netherlands they ruled it against me saying I needed to randomise them. However, my answer for that was, okay what if I’m fighting against a unit of 10 knights, place a plagueclaw over my slaves and then randomise those hits. I should get more hits then there are knights and they said yes this is the correct way to do it. What is your take on this??


Sander Hodes
I give an answer to this and use the Skaven FAQ to clear things up.


Let me know what you think to the new Warriors of Chaos releases buy leaving a comment below.  I’ll be having a full run down on mondays episode as well as a review of white dwarf.

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