Daily 119 – Black Library Weekender and Listener Questions

Black Library Weekender and Listener Questions

In this episode I talk about the Black Library Weekender that is happening in Nottingham this weekend.  I will be going along with Marcus our resident Horus Heresy expert and trying to grab some interviews with the authors over the weekend.

You can find full details for the event and still have time to get some tickets if you go to www.blacklibrary.com

If there are any seminars you would like me to attend then report on please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Listener Questions.

  • Chris Bailey writes in and asks, What is meant by Successfully cast?  He says that his gaming group is having a dispute about the matter and would like to get it cleared up. My answer is that on Pg 36, 1st paragraph it says  “If the eney had failed his dispel attempt (or not even attempted one!), the spell is cast successfully”  This seems to clear things up.
  • Chad Graham – After a unit has crumbled in combat, what are the remaining units options?  Can it perform a reform and if so, when?  To that I would say “Reforming From Victory” on page 55 explicitly states that a unit can reform at the end of a combat round if (1) the enemy did not flee or (2) the combat was a draw. If the enemy unit crumbles away, it did not flee. Option (1) is satisfied and a reform is allowed.
  • Simon Burdett asks How do Magic rings work?  My answer to this is that you can follow the Bound Spell rules on page 37 and all will be explained.


Thats all I had time to cover on this episode but I have a load of questions that I can address so will certainly be covering it again in the future.  If you have a question that you want answering leave a comment below of email me at BenCurry@BadDice.co.uk


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