BDD 121 – Black Library Weekender and Horus Heresy Graphic Novel

Horus Heresy Graphic Novel

Black Library Weekender and Horus Heresy Graphic Novel

This weekend I went to the Black Library Weekender and had the chance to mix with the authors and fans alike.   The big news from the weekend was the final announcement of Sunday with the news that Black Library would be producing a graphic novel written by Dan Abnett and Illustrated by Neil Roberts.  You can find more information on this on my blog post about the announcement.

It was a fun weekend far exceeding any of my expectations, so much so that I would say it was one of the best hobby weekends I have had this year.  I followed Marcus’ lead on what seminars to attend, and some of his choices aligned with the ones I had penciled in.  We took in as much Heresy info as possible but also I caught Warhammer Time of Legends and a Q+A Session with Andy Smillie.

Our resident Bad Dice Horus Heresy expert, Marcoos, has also blogged about the event and will be posting more updates later in the week.  He will also have details about how you can win a signed copy of the Horus Rising audio CD box set.

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