BDD 124 – Items of Distinction, The Fellblade

Items of Distinction, The Fellblade

In this latest instalment of items of distinction I am going to talk about the Fellblade.

The Fellblade is a weapon of huge power, created by the Skaven Council of Thirteen and wielded by Alcadizaar the Conqueror to destroy the Necromancer Nagash.
This is the sword of swords that was created by the Skaven to destroy the greatest Necromancer to ever walk the world. Raw warpstone was smelted into stolen Gromril. Incantations o doom were heaped upon the cursed blade. Death itself was bound to its cutting edge and any with eldritch sight can see the aura of power and ruin that surrounds the wicked creation. No foe can stand before it and even the wielder must succumb to its baleful effects.
All attacks from the Fellblade are made with strength 10 and successful ward saves must be re-rolled.  Unsaved wounds are multiplied into D6 Wounds.  At the end of each of the wielders turns roll a D6.  on a 1 or 2 the wielder suffers a wound with no armour save.
This is clearly a weapon of unbelievable power but the problem is with the Character carrying it.  The Warlord has only 4 attacks at weapon skill 6.  He has a good Initiative at 7 but his lack of protection and the fact that The Fellblade will be doing wounds too makes it a difficult item to use.
The option that rally jumps out at me is to take him riding a War Litter.  This give him an extra bit of armour save and also a few extra attacks form the crew, but most importantly, and the reason I like this over taking him on a bone breaker is the fact that he still gets a Look Out Sir roll from friendly units.
Other than that I would want to build quite an aggressive skaven list but still keeping the ‘Skaven’ elements to the list that make it super powerful.
Warlord, 228 pts Heavy Armour; Shield; War-Litter; The Fellblade
Grey Seer, 265 pts General; Warpstone Tokens; Dispel Scroll
Plague Priest, 250 pts Plague Furnace
Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer 70 pts
Warlock Engineer, 65 pts Level 1 Wizard;
Warlock Engineer, 45 pts Doomrocket
Assassin, 170 pts Weeping Blade; Potion of Strength39 Stormvermin, 387 pts Musician; Standard; Shield; Fangleader; Storm Banner
36 Skavenslaves, Musician; 74 pts
35 Skavenslaves, Musician; 72 pts
35 Skavenslaves, Musician; 72 pts31 Plague Monks, 272 pts Musician; Standard Bearer; Bringer-of-the-Word; Plague Banner
Hell Pit Abomination, 250 pts Warpstone Spikes
Warp Lightning Cannon, 90 pts
Warp Lightning Cannon, 90 ptsTotal Roster Cost: 2400


Let me know how you would run the Fellblade in your Skaven army by leaving a comment below

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