BDD 130 – Lore of Death and Leadership Combos

Lore of Death and Leadership Combos

In this episode I am going to talk about some combinations that can take advantage of the Lore of Death and the Unmodified Leadership FAQ that I talked about yesterday.

These combinations are usually pretty good regardless of the fact that Spirit Leech can benefit from them too, so even if the FAQ gets amended in the future I hope that these combos will still be potent.

Deamons of Chaos – The Slaanesh Leadership Bomb.

This army build lost a lot of its power when Terror was reduced from a 6″ bubble to only working while charging.  The army is still a good option though and I think you can make a few tweeks to get it working.  I would start off by including 2 Tzeench Heralds both running Master of Sorcery and the Lore of Death.  This gives you 2 attempts at Doom and Darkness and Spirit Leech.  I would make one of them a winged horror and the BSB and give him the greater Icon of Despair.  This item is one of the most powerful items in Warhammer and it really is a mystery to me why it is seldom used.  Maybe some Daemon player can enlighten me.

I will include the Masque of Slannesh for her ability to lower leadership by a further D3.  You have just enough points left to fit in a Khorne Herald too.

The rest of the list would be 2 Bloodletter Hordes to fill the core and some horrors to baby sit the Hearalds.  Finally I would want some high impact unit that can run in and win a combat by a small amount.  The chariots of great for this as they are very cheap.  It would be nice to get a SoulGrinder too but the army becomes very small at that point.  saying that, the flame cannon alone could win games with this build.

Warriors of Chaos Doom Totem and Hellcannons.

The Warriors version of the Leadership Bomb list throws out some interesting options.  The clear auto-includes are the 2 Hellcannons and the Doom Totem BSB.  After that you have a few options.  The obvious ones are a Tzeench Lord on Disc with diabloic Spledour.  I would give him a 3+ Ward and have he harassing units never getting into combat.  You can even get the Bloodcurdling Roar if you forgo a magic weapon.

This in combination with a dath wizard can mage for some -6 leadership tests from the Hellcannons. Pretty Scary!

What I would do is run a slightly different version with a Slannesh Lv4 and a Death lv4 instead of the Chaos Lord.  You can fit them both in under 600 points and the Slaanesh Warriors magic is very fun to use.  Spells like Titillating Delusions and Hellshriek are game winning.

Tomb Kings Skulls and Caskets

The Tomb Kings can build a very nasty Death list and while it doesn’t need special characters to do it, I can hardly pass up the oppertunity to include Arkan the Black.

Arkan can be your armys Heirphant and also use Death magic, this save you the trouble of investing in a seperate model to fill that role.  He is also lv5 Wizard and can store your dispel dice to use as power dice in the following phase.  You can also fit in A tomb King to get that Leadership 10 Spirit Leech and then add in a couple of lv1’s on Death to get a few more attempt at the spell.  Rare Choices are 2 Screaming Skull Catapults and at least 1 Casket of Souls, then you choose between the Hierotitan or the 2nd Casket.  Both are good choices.  I would finish the list with Ramhotep and a huge unit of Necropolis Knights then add core to your tastes.


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