BDD 137 – Annoying Gamer Habits

Annoying Gamer habits

Annoying Gamer Habits

In this episode I am going to talk about my top 5 Annoying Gamer Habits since a few weeks ago I sent out a message to my mailing list (Which you can sign-up for at the top right hand side of the website) to ask for suggestions for the show and I got this one sent in by John Ross.  He sent me a load of really great feedback and also a bunch of suggestions for topics that he would like to hear me cover.
John asked for
Top five irritating habits gamers exhibit which we would all like them to change. Things like elaborate dice rolling rituals, or misleading proxies, etc.
I had a think back over all my games and made a list of the things that annoy me the most. Some of these are obvious and I imagine they will annoy almost everyone out there, others may be peculiar annoyances of my own that everyone else thinks is totally normal and it shouldn’t bother me.

On to the Top 5 Annoying Gamer Habits.

5 – Gamer Stench

So, first up in the list of Top 5 annoying Gamer Habits is Gamer Stench.  It had to be in the list so I thought I would get it out of the way.  If you are listening to this and you stink then its probably you I am talking about.  Hot and sweaty, hung over and farting is one thing, stale stench of the unwashed is another.  Sort it out!

4 – Questioning Everything, Knowing Nothing.

This is one that I get very often. Not from opponents, but usually when 2 players are on a nearby table at a tournament and they start having rules questions. A player will be asking repeated rules questions, he may be right or wrong, but he doesn’t have his rulebook out before leaning over and asking me.  This is not a problem now and again, and I would never want to give the impression that someone couldn’t ask me a rules question but the annoying habit is when the player repeatedly asks trivial questions throughout the game, never checking his own rulebook, not having his own copy of the FAQ’s and then questioning a answer given to him.  

3 – Movement Trays

Its so easy to have movement trays for your army, the really finish it off to look good and make your units so much easier to move.  Armies that don’t have decent movement trays really break my heart!  The Worst offenders are normally Lizardman players.  They have 10000 Skinks all over the place, take an age to move and when you want to charge them they are always “just outside, not just in”

2 – Sloppy Movement.  

This one really grates on me.  warhammer is based around movement.  Almost every rule in the game can draw back to the movement phase in some way or other (You have killing blow?  Make sure your movement is right so you can get into combat) so being precise with your movement is very important.  Some of the things that really get my back up are  reforms not going around the middle.  the 1″ gap getting ignored, Units moving forwards, then back then to the side then wanting to return to original position!  Mark your units before they move, Its not too difficult to do and saves both time and my blood pressure 

1 – Untidy Dice.

My top of my most annoying gamer habits is Untidy Dice. I’m talking about the guys who can’t hit a 6×4 table with a dice roll.  They throw dice in the air and the fall everywhere over the table, The same guys always have dice that you can never see what the numbers are.  The dice get left everywhere. In the terrain, into my dice pile, into the units.  The dice end up in the way of my units when it comes to my movement phase.  It drives me crazy!  I use 50+ dice at a time when my corsairs really get rocking and I still manage to keep them under control!  Sort it out.  Dice should be easy to read, images all on the same number and not thrown to all comers of the board (and onto the next one) when rolled.


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to
I look forwards to hearing what you have to say and seeing what other annoying gamer habits you hate to see on the table.

2 thoughts on “BDD 137 – Annoying Gamer Habits

  • November 27, 2012 at 10:59

    I confess :(I usually work hard to keep tidy dice rolls but I fail miserably every once in a while. Last game event, I failed almost every round much to my own aggravation and that of my opponent. On top of that.. I was growing spiteful over loosing the game.
    But I would confirm Kriegsspiele’s point that blaming the dice is also .. well.. an annoying attribute. One I, sadly, gave into last time.

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