BDD 138 – Split Personalities with Andy Potter

Andy Potter Cauldron of Blood

Split Personalities with Andy Potter

I have Andy Potter on the show to talk about armies that can be used with more than one army book.
Andy is the master of this on the UK tournament circuit, having an army that started out as Dark Elves, was expanded into a Storm of Chaos Cult of Slaanesh army and then grew to be Warriors of Chaos.  This army is now large enough that it could be a full 3000 points of Dark Elves vs 3000 points of Warriors of Chaos and all look like a single 6000 points force.
Andy and I chat about;
  • Armies that can double up and play as 2 different races.
  • Why you would do this?
  • What are the problems and how to overcome them?
  • What Andy did to make his army work well and look good.

To wrap up the show we run down a few of our ideas for new armies that can work along this theme.  I play it safe with Chaos Dwarves crossing with Warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves and High Elves mixing nd finally a Vampire army that can also be Bretonnia or The Empire.  Andy is more adventurus and talks about an army of Werewolves, Warriors of Chaos Marauders crossing over to Beastmen and Lizardman army with a Chaotic theme.

Here are a few pics of Andy’s army.

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The book I talked about in this episode is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  It’s a must read for any Malifaux fans.


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