BDD 140 – Australian Warhammer Masters Lists and Predictions

Australian Warhammer Masters

The Australian Warhammer Masters

The lists and comp scores have been published for the Australian Warhammer Masters so I thought its would be fun for me to have a run through them and give my thoughts on each of the lists.

I didn’t realise how long this would take until I got into it s you get a bumper episode that comes in at nearly 30 mins.  I talk about the rulespack and the comp system before looking at each of the lists and giving my thoughts.

I talk about the aspects of each list that I like and dislike and try and pick out my recommendations for winning the event.  The army swap in 2 games makes this a bit of a lottery thought!

You can check out the lists on the Wargamer AU forums and you can also see the comp system that is being used on the same forums.

My pick for the event is Roy with his Tomb Kings.  Its a solid list but not so powerful that someone can easily use it to good effect ing the army swap.  I also like Glen’s Empire.  Its a real combined arms list that has a fine balance but will work very will if played correctly.


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