BDD 145 – Jack Armstrong’s Scar Veteran Builds

Scar Veteran Builds

Jack Armstrong’s Scar Veteran Builds

Jack Armstrong is a guest on todays show and we talk about the best Lizardmen Scar Veteran Builds.  Jack is the UK’s top lizardman general and has some great insights into the list and how a small change in items can effect the way that the army works overall.  I ask Jack to give out all his secrets when it come to designing the killer Saurus Scar veteran Builds.

Some of the topics we cover are;
  • Fave builds for running a single or double Scar Veterans and would extra Scar Veterans change the combos used.
  • Close other combos. I.e. 3rd Scar Veteran combo.
  • Scar Veterans on foot.
  • Old bloods
Jack’s ultimate of all Scar Veteran Builds is – Mounted, Light Armour, Sword of Might. Dawn Stone, Charmed Shield. On the show he tells us why he prefers this build over the rest.
A close 2nd place is Mounted, Dragon Helm, Luck Stone, Great Weapon, Amulet of Itzl.
In general Jack says that a 1+ Armour save is the target.  Armour of Destiny is also a great choice if the other combinations are taken or comped as this give you access to Heavy Armour that the Scar Vets normally wouldn’t be able to upgrade to.


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