BDD 151 – UK WFB Masters Invites

UK WFB Masters Invites

Today I talk about the UK WFB Masters Invites.  The Rankings have been updates for the final time this year and the top 16 players have been decided.

I have a run down of the player who qualified and the events that they scored at.  I also look at the new faces for this years event and also how the Team Events have impacted the scores.

The final 16 in the rankings are

Nick Pym
Jack Armstrong
Ben Johnson
Dan Thomas
Tom Mawdsley
Matthew Matkinson
Mat Howley
Chris Legg
Dan Heelan
Keith Wilkinson
Hristo Nikolov
Andy Spiers
Ben Diesel
Rafael Harbinson
Lorenzo Ricagni
Mike Newman

visit to see the full list and find out all the players scores.

There is a thread on The Warhammer Forum that will have all the relevant masters information added over the next few days.


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