BDD 156 – Hobby Challenge and Plastic Eagles

Plastic Eagles

Hobby Challenge and Plastic Eagles

Episode 156 kicks off 2013 and I have a recap of the hobby things that have been going on over the last 2 weeks, the Bad Dice Hobby Challenge and the Plastic Eagles from the Hobbit Releases.

Over Christmas I had chance to really get stuck into my Chaos Dwarfs.  The going is still pretty slow but I am making consistent progress.  I am nearly half way through my Bull Centaur unit and have finished my Magma Cannon.  I have painted my 3 Centaurs using 3 different methods for the skin but one of them I am not all that happy with.  i’m hoping thta I will be able to salvage it rather than needing a full repaint.

The Magma Cannon crew I am very pleased with and I think they may be the best job I have done for years.  Shame its on the crew of a War machine that will never get seen!

The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

On New Years Day I announced the Bad Dice Hobby Chalklenge.  I borrowed the idea from the guys over at the Independent Characters Podcast.  You can find my details about it by reading the announcement and signing up On The Forums.

The blogs I talk about on the show are

Plastic Eagles

What Dwarf was released at the weekend and hidden amongst all the Dark Angels releases were these gems.  Plastic eagles.  Every High Elf player will be picking up a box of these guys and I predict that it will be the most ‘non warhammer’ model seen in Warhammer Armies this year.  I’m very surprised it has taken this long to get a plastic eagle release.


Og Games. You can visit them at To check out their awesome sale!


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