BDD 175 – Feint and Flank

feint and flank

Feint and Flank

This episode is about the Feint and Flank tactics that I have seen put to great use recently.  Its kind of a Scare tactic.  I talk about how to make them work with various armies, and yes I forgot Daemons!!!
  • Beastmen – Flying Doom Bull
  • Skaven –  Abomb and Doom Wheel
  • High Elves – Dragon Princes or a Dragon
  • Dark Elves – Hydras
  • Vampire Counts – Varghiests, large unit.
  • Ogres – Tom used a Stone Horn to great effect a Scouting Man Eater unit could do a similar job
  • Empire – Steam Tank
  • Orcs and Goblins – Chariots, Manglers and pump Wagons.
  • Brettonia – Pegasus Knights or a big lance
  • Tomb Kings – Tricky one really any ideas?
  • Dwarfs – Rangers, Anvil, Miners Warmachines
  • Wood Elves – Treemen pushing into the guns
  • Lizardmen – Scar Vets and Skinks
  • Warriors – I think the new book will have a hundred options.
  • Chaos Dwarfs – This whole army is geared towards this tactic with the Destroyer, Iron Daemons, Bale Taurus and Centaurs


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