BDD 179 – Warriors of Chaos FAQ’s

Warriors of Chaos FAQ's

Warriors of Chaos FAQ’s

I talk about some of the Warriors of Chaos FAQ’s that have been popping up over the last week on the forums and sent into me via email.

The rules I cover are

  • Soul Feeder – How this interacts with the Stomp and Thunderstomp rules and also how it works with simultaneous initiative steps and the character with that ability getting killed.
  • Warp Flame – Is it a flaming attack and how does it work with Regenerate if the regenerate rule has been removed during that phase by other flaming attacks.
  • Warshrines – What happens when a Warshrine with a character mount has the character killed.
  • Glean Magic – How does it work with spells that rely on their own Lore Attribute instead of the Tzeentch Attribute.

I give my thought on these rules and try and show some precedent from else where in the game as to how to handle them.


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