BDD 182 – Top 5 Dragons


Top 5 Dragons

On todays show I talk about the top 5 dragons in the Monstrous Arcanum book.

The dragons in this book all have different and unusual abilities and each of them is awesome in its own way.  I put them in the order that I would rate their power level.

I decided not to cover the Emperor Dragons as they are too many points to fit into a normal game and even a Storm of Magic game would be difficult to include one.

So onto the top 5.

5th – Shard Dragon

This guy has some awesome rules but is just too slow to be higher in the list

4th – Warp Fire Dragon

A nice all round dragon with anti-skaven specialities

3rd – Toad Dragon

A beast of a model and massively resilient just lacking in damage output if it can’t thunder stomp

2nd Carmine Dragon

Its all about the breath weapon on this guy.

1st Magma Dragon

Overall the most rounded, lot’s of damage output and high toughness and wounds alongs with a regen save to keep it alive. We have a winner!


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