BDD 183 – Sequences In The Movement Phase

movement phase

Sequences In The Movement Phase

The Warhammer rules are based a lot on strict orders and I cover the Movement Phase sequences in this episode.

Start of the turn is exactly as it sounds.  Lots of things can happen here and they are always specified in their own rules.

Next up is Declaring Charges.  This is very simple but also quite complicated.

  1. Declare a charge
  2. Declare reaction
  3. Resolve reaction and all things brought on by that reaction.
  4. Possible test to Redirect Charge
  5. Return to 1 or move on.
  6. Take any frenzy tests required
  7. Choose a unit to roll charge distance and move charge or failed charge.
  8. Choose another unit to resolve until all are completed

Moving onto Compulsory movement and this one is quite easy.  Rallying, Fleeing and moving.  Rallying must come first.  Test to rally and resolve the reform or flee move then continue on to the next unit.

The Remaining moves section of the movement phase is an area that has the most flexibility but also a few key orders.  Aside from the fact that you should pick a unit and move it before moving onto the next you also have tests to perform for Swift Reforms and Marching.

  • Choose a unit
  • Decide if you want to March or Reform or move.
  • If Marching take a test and perform the march move.
  • If Swift Reform is desired take the test and carry out the manoeuvre
  • Move your unit.
  • Choose a new unit.

Tomorrows episode will cover sequences in other parts of the game


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