BDD 185 – Order of the Close Combat Phase

Close Combat Phase

Order of the Close Combat Phase

This is the third part in the series of episodes about sequences in the game, this final instalment is all about the close combat phase.

The Close Combat Phase is probably the most detailed and rules heavy part of the game.  i would say in game play alone it is the movemnt phase that is king but the amount of rules in the combat phase is very daunting.

The are a number of areas that are better broken down into sections.  These are Pre Combat, Combat and Post Combat.

Pre Combat

  • Starting the close combat phase, the player whose turn it is can choose the combat to fight first. After thta you get into the order of the start of combat actions which take place in the following way
  • Make Way, Fear and abilities like Nurgle Rot are all at the same time, the players turn is the decider.
  • Impact hits
  • Challenges


  • Striking order in Initiative steps
  • Allocating attacks at each step
  • Breath weapons at each step, decided to be used before rolling to attack for that step
  • Resolve Combat Resolution

Post Combat

  • Reforming – Roll off if both players want to attempt. winner chooses order
  • Decide to Persue
  • Roll to Flee
  • Roll to Persue
  • Reslove Flee
  • Reform and restraining units
  • Move persuers, controlling player chooses the order to move the units.
  • Move on to the next combat and repeat.


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  • February 15, 2013 at 16:36

    Hm why do i have in mind that the impact hits are resolved directly after the charge? I have to look that up in the rulebook again.

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