BDD 189 – New Daemons of Chaos Rumours Round-up

new Daemons of Chaos

New Daemons of Chaos Rumour Round-up

Today I am talking about the New Daemons of Chaos Rumours that have ben all over the forums and social networks this week.

Photos from the next issue of White Dwarf have been leaked and are all over sites like Warseer, The Warhammer Forum and the Plastic Krak blog.  These same websites also have rumoured rules from the release.

All pics from Fields Of Blood Blog. 

Rumoured Rules spotted so far, all curtosy of fields of blood

Bloodletters of Khorne are now strength 4, with special rules MR1, Scaly skin 6+, Daemonic and Daemon of Khorne. They have the daemonic gift Hellblade…. 14 points

I cant see any reference to killing blow but that dosnt mean they loose it as the sword may grant it.

Pink Horrors stats stay the same, special rules are Daemonic, Daemon of Tzeentch, Blue horrors of Tzeentch, and a unit counts as a level 1 caster…. 13 points

Yay Blue horrors of Tzeentch. No idea how it works but yay!

Plaugebearers are strength 4 Toughness 4, have the Daemonic gift plaguesword, and are Daemons of Nurgle, and Daemonic…. 13 points

Daemonettes get 2 attacks, and become Daemons of Slannesh + Daemonic for 11 points

Bloodcrushers are now special, 3+ a unit, the jugger mounts get toughness 4 and 3 wounds like the WOC ones, and are 65 points. With the scaly skin rules Daemons now have a 3+ 5++ save monstrous cav option!

Flamers appear to have the same stats as the WD rules, and are 40 points. Special rules flames of Tzeentch, Daemons of Tzeentch, Warpflame, Daemonic and skirmishers.

There appears to be an option to upgrade a unit of Plaguebearers to have regenerate, and another option that if you score any roll of 6 to hit with a  poisonattack, an additional strength 4 hit is made. Another option is upgrading poison to 5+

My thoughts on these, if they prove to be true:

  • Bloodletters look right if Hellblade gives KB. Scaly Skin is a bit of a red herring. The drop in Str and 2 pt increase rebalance things.

  • Don’t understand Horror rules. Are Pink Horrors still caster?

  • Not sure why you wouldn’t take Plaguebearers over Bloodletters –  1 pt increase for +1 Str – yes please

  • The Bloodcrushers have worse rider than Skullcrushers, but are 13 pts cheaper and have 5+ Ward


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