BDD 192 – Top 5 Units with Special Rules

Top 5 Units With Special Rules

Today I go over all the units in warhammer and pick out the top 5 that have the most special rules.

Initially I was expecting the Wood Elves to score highly in this but after looking into it a little more I realised that they were far from the most special Rules driven army out there.  The Vampires scored higly across a lot of their units but didn’t quite make the top 5, the same could be said for Tomb Kings.

In the end I went for:

5 – Kddai Destroyer.

This guy has 9 special rules and is also a monster.  The monster rules alone can be further split down to create a lengthly list.

4 – Snotling Pump Wagons

With only a few basic special rules its the upgrades and crew that top off the Pump Wagon.

3 – Stegadons

The normal Stegadon has 10 special rules, the Ancient version with engine of the gods upgrade really starts racking them up

2 – Cauldron of Blood

The Cauldron is a huge amount of rules, and is also a War Machine and a Character and can be the BSB.  Its a massive list when you break it all down.

1 – Arachnarok Spider

The Huge Spider has a huge list of rules.  2 different types of strider, 2 different types of poison and also a few options.  It was the first model on a massive base and thus deserves its massive list of special rules.


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