BDD 205 – WWCD Throne Of Skulls

Throne of Skulls

WWCD Throne Of Skulls

I’m taking Dark Elves to the Throne Of Skulls. The event is 2000 points, no comp and uses scenarios. All of these things have impacts on list design.

I wanted to take a horde of Executioners to this event so I set about building my list around that unit.

In this What Would Curry Do? episode I talk about how I make choices in my list based on the units I am using and how they interact with one another.  I talk about what will help the Executioners take a starring roles and how much help they need.  I have a few decisions that I need to make to finalise the list.

If you are at Warhammer World this weekend then make sure you come and say Hi and see how my Executioners are doing.


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