BDD 206 – Ben Johnsons Daemons and Throne of Skulls

nurgle herald throne of skulls

Ben Johnsons Daemons and Throne of Skulls

I talk about Ben Johnson’s Daemons of Chaos Army that he unveiled this weekend at the Throne Of Skulls event.

Bens army, The Daemons of the 9th Library, is displayed in full on his blog on in the Snake Eyes Section, but here are a few pics of the things I mentioned on the show.

I took part in th ethrone of Skulls Event this weekend and I have to say that it was one of the best gaming weekends I have ever attended.  From start to finish the organisation, atmosphere and general enjoyment levels were top notch.  Once you get past the fact that it is not a tournament then you can really enjoy the proffesional levels of service that GW have at these weekends.


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