BDD 217 – South Coast GT preview

South Coast GT preview

Russ Veal joins me to have a South Coast GT preview. We talk about the army list trends, what the new army books are looking like, how the older books are adapting and what we can expect to see doing well in 2013.

Almost 20% of the lists at the South Coast GT are Warriors of Chaos with 38 players.  The next closest is Ogre Kingdoms with 18 while most of the rest of the field is between the 10-13 bracket.

The Warriors of Chaos lists are quite similar but there is still a good amount of variation between them with a mix of super princes and double princes.  Warrior blocks are in good attendance usually backed up by a few chariots. Throgg and his trolls are common too.

Elsewhere Tecilis is make a strong showing in the High Elves lists and there are a couple of tasty Vampire Counts armies.

The Daemons of Chaos armies have a common theme of 2 skull cannons but other than that one feature they are quite varied with a 3 different Greater Daemons making a showing.


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