BDD 240 – An Unusual Lizardman List

lizardman list

An Unusual Lizardman List

In this episode I talk about an unusual lizardman list that I saw in action at Adepticon and had sent in to the show by a listener.

Michael Jordal has been posting on the Bad Dice forums for a few years and during that time I have seen his progress on a Lizardman army that often has some unusual options included.

At ApeptiCon Michael was using this list.

  • Slann, Becalming, Rumination, Cupped Hands, Devine Plaque of Protection, Dragon Bane Gem, Relic Sword, BSB, Standard of Discipline
  • 25 Saurus Warriors
  • 25 Saurus Warriors
  • 10 Skink Skirmishers
  • 6 Kroxigor
  • 6 Kroxigor
  • 6 Kroxigor
  • Salamander
  • Salamander

He sent me the following email explaining how he gets the best from it.

So my list is definitely on the weird side and probably considered sub optimal, but I have had a bit of success with it and I enjoy playing it. I won a small one day tourney at the FFG Event Center with a similar build and placed fairly high at Capital City Carnage with it as well as getting the 10th place finish at Adepticon.

The build really requires my Slann to get some magic off and with the lore of light and focus of rumination it is possible to cast every spell in the lore. How I approach the magic phase is really dependent on the match up and what is currently in combat. I will boost pha’s protection a lot and sometimes boost speed of light, but will hardly ever boost timewarp. Generally Timewarp is better on a saurus unit, especially if they have Speed of Light so I can feel like a HE for a bit, but sometimes if a kroxigor unit has Speed of Light I will cast it on them to cancel the asl and get them to strike before losing a model or two.

Shems is often cast first using one die from the pool and one free die to try and draw out some dispel or get rid of some annoying unit.

First turn I will often cast a timewarp on a krox unit to have some tasty very long range charges on my second turn with the double movement. If I can run right through a unit and then have a Kroxigor unit in the rear of his army I am usually pretty happy.

The Slann runs by himself unless I am facing dreaded 13th and then he bunkers. He is pretty well protected against most everything else. He can catch my opponents off guard when I charge him in too. He has seen Nicol’s Prince on Star Dragon off the board and during Adepticon he ran down a chimera. Being solo I really am only worried about the top and bottom result of the miscast table and have the cupped hands to toss that one over to my opponents if need be.

It definitely suffers from a lack of chaff units. I would love to have some chamos in it as well. The salamanders usually march forward first turn and shoot and then flee or get in the way. The skinks get out in the middle to redirect and such as well.

I have tried running all the Kroxigors together in a horde too and that was pretty fun as well and had the benefit of only needing to cast spells on one unit, but it was definitely an eggs in one basket deal.


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4 thoughts on “BDD 240 – An Unusual Lizardman List

  • May 3, 2013 at 03:10

    An army that relies on spells to win is a pathetic army indeed.

  • May 3, 2013 at 13:38

    Big_AL Well, if you want to run a combat lizard list instead of a shooty avoidance list I think magic buffs or debuffs are unfortunately necessary.

  • May 3, 2013 at 20:23

    Big_AL Weird statement, I don’t agree with it at all.

  • May 4, 2013 at 15:49

    Big_AL So all undead armies are pathetic?

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