BDD 245 – WWCD High Elves

What Would Curry Do – High Elves

On todays episode I talk about the list that I would initially be using if I were to make the jump into high elves.

The power in the book seems to me to come in a couple of ways.

1. Fast attack flyers.

This style of list will be fast and furious and be driven by the flying large targets. it will unfortunatly also be quite fragile and ultimatly I feel that Warriors of Chaos do this list better.

2. Flexible Combined Arms

I don’t think that this style of list will win any awards for out and out power, but it screams to me of similarities to the old powerful elf builds. Flexibility to have an answer for mosth things yet no out right power that would attract the attention of the dreaded comp stick.

The list I would run to begin with would be the 2nd style and look something like this:

  • Archmage, Lv4, Book Of Hoeth, Shadow
  • Loremaster ,Dispel Scroll
  • Noble, BSB, Reaver Bow, Potion of Strength
  • 10 Archers, Mu
  • 10 Archers, Mu
  • 10 Archers, Mu
  • 5 Reavers, Bows + Spear
  • 5 Reavers, Bows + Spear
  • 5 Reavers, Bows
  • 28 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner Of The World Dragon
  • 5 Shadow Warriors
  • 2x Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers
  • 2x Flamespyre Phoenix


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One thought on “BDD 245 – WWCD High Elves

  • May 16, 2013 at 08:32

    So the Reaver Bow adds +1 Stre. Is that +1 Stre to shooting a bow? +1 Stre in Close Combat, an is it accumulative to say a Halberd?

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