BDD 252 – Top 5 Wamachines


Top 5 Warmachines

This week the Garagehammer podcast talked about their top 5 war machines. This sparked some discussion on twitter as to what is the best warmachine for the points. In this episode I give my reply to the garagehammer Top 5.

5. Magma Cannon

st5 D3 Wounds. A huge range for what is a flame cannon on crack. 24 + Artillery dice + Template. Access to an engineer is also a huge bonus

4. Warp Lightening Cannon

The dreaded WLC has been a long time friend and foe of mine. Having played with and against this warmachine I have a healthy respect for the high strength template landing in a unit. The fact that the shots are always no armour save and always do d6 wounds makes up for the random strength value.

3. Brettonian Trebuchet

No frills just high strength. Cheap and strength 5 all the time compared to the dwarf grudge thrower that comes in at an extra

2. Doom Diver

80 points. st5. No Armour Save. In the days of Empire, Warriors and lots of other high armoured targets. Not much more to add here other than its really cheap and when its dies no orc units will be bothered. One of my faves.

1. Dwarven Cannon.

This has a massive list of reasons that it is number 1. 30 points cheaper as standard than the Empire version and when runed up is massivly reliable and accurate. Also has s ton of options for fun runes that while not the optimal choice can make for some interesting gems. They also get access to a 4th wound with the engineer upgrade. Overall this guy is hard to beat in a straight up warmachine challenge.


I would love to hear what you guys think about the Top 5 Warmachines. If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

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