BDD 262 – Top 5 Warhammer Quest App Characters

Warhammer Quest App

Top 5 Warhammer Quest App Characters

Todays Top 5 is all about the Warhammer Quest App.

I have been playing this pretty much every spare moment since it was released on Thursday and I wanted to both give it some more coverage for anyone who hasn’t jumped on board yet and also start some more discussions about the best characters.

So far I have played all 7 of the Warhammer Quest app characters, some I love, some I really can’t get on with.


This guy got the sack very early on. Too many times going beserk and losing all his attacks, blicking a corridor and generally being crap. Recently I have been really playing him very aggressivly and racking up the kills with the rest of the party supporting him and it seems to be working.


A total tank but going own in my estimation recently

Grey Wizard

Mindrazzorrrrrr!!!!! Thats what its all about. That and 2 heal spells a turn. Great Character


Not really all that fighty but with a nice mix of spells. I’m not entierly certain why I like this guy so much, but I do


I’m really loving this guy! He is a totally versatile character. I play him as a scout. He ranges ahead of my party and opens up rooms before running back to the group if things get too hairy. when a corridor splits, the Waywatcher goes one way and teh party the other.

And as a bonus top 5 I have a very quick run down of the characters I would love to see in the app.


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