BDD 264 – Mail Bag: Small armies

small armies

Mail Bag: Small Armies

On this episode I take a listeners question about how to make an army that is both a small model count and also fits in the smallest possible figure case.

I have a few ideas for small armies, the first is Warriors of Chaos. This is from a previous WWCD episode. At 2400 point you can get

2x Daemon Prince
3x Chimeras
5x Chariots
2x Shaggoths.

Its a tiny army on the model count but i’m not really sure its all tha small when it comes to packing into a small space.

I’m finding that Chaos Dwarfs are a very small army. If you can get some of the old 5th edition models instead of the newer forge world stuff then you can really squeeze it into a small space. 50ish Infernal Guard, 6 Bull Centaurs, 5 Warmachines 2 of them being Hell Cannons and you can fit it into a really spamm space.

The new Hotness is high elves and I reckon you can make these guys fit into a small case too. The Pheonix is a large model but also very flat so should fit 2 into a single custom cut tray from Battle Foam. A 2nd tray with a 3rd Pheonix sloat and some space for knights and a 3rd tray with infantry and you can fit a full army into a single Games Workshop Hardcase.

Finally I talk about both Dwarfs and Vampire Counts

Once you have an anvil, 2 Grudge Throwers and 2 cannons you do not have all tha many points left for units and characters. A big block of hammerers and Long beards are lots of points and very small to pack in your case.


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