BDD 265 – Interview with Rodeo Games about Warhammer Quest


Interview with Rodeo Games about Warhammer Quest

In this bumper sized episode I interview Ben, Laurent and Rich from Rodeo Games, the guys behind the amazing Warhammer Quest app.

I start the interview by asking about the background of Rodeo games and how the idea of a Warhammer Quest app was started then progressed into the finished article.  We move on to talking about the artistic side of the app and what went into creating the universe alongside Games Workshop.

Next up is gameplay.  I learn which of the rules from Warhammer Quest were essential to keep in and what has been well recived by the public.  We talk about the way that the game works with random upgrades, variable dungeons and dropped magic items.

I find out about some of the rare items in the game like ‘The Hammer of Sigmar’ and I ask ask which of the characters are the favourites of both the Rodeo team and also the most downloaded.

Finally I try and pry out some secrets about future releases and get an idea of the plans for the games going forwards

During the show we talk about some links:


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One thought on “BDD 265 – Interview with Rodeo Games about Warhammer Quest

  • June 7, 2013 at 14:47

    i loved this podcast 😀
    Wish they had named the first who dropped the hammar of sigmar, since i got it in day 2/3 of the release. 40 hours of gameplay and couting! addicted?

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